Thursday, September 30, 2010

Donk Dreams

Damon is a man of skilled oddity and mastered weirdness. Never have I met a dude who can make quark noises with his eyeballs then hop on his hands and walk down the street so effortlessly as if he were buckled to a circus nymph as a child. I shot this photo the morning after a swell night in the woods singing songs as we chop firewood and gazing into the suns waking rays . I wasnt sure this photo was going to come out for the lighting wasn't up to par for my standards, yet I took it anyway and ended up with a toasty shot of Damon and Jack.

Vivida Vis!

Before they sold their soul to the big media gods. Tom Gabel wrote this song when he was 17 and dropped out of Highschool to create triumphant songs such as this and their "Crime" EP. After finishing Reinvent Axl Rose, they sold their souls to the devil of mass media and their music became shameful across the globe but we still have their long lost tunes to enjoy, so don't shoot yourself just yet click play and soak!

This Guy

Make a WISH upon the magic blender.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Rock

I shot this photo of my homie Reese Butler, free climbing a rock on Mt. Tamalpais after he prepared a home cooked meal of tortellini and meat sauce for his guests overlooking the Bolinas lagoon and Stinson beach. Reese is a man of the mountain and will blow your mind with his survival skills and brisk rock climbing.

Tip of the Twist

Thighs of the Day


A Tribe Called Quest

My Homie Jack Bool lent me the Tribe Anthology before he left for Boulder Colorado and this song really got my attention, I dunno if it's Bonita or her applebum that attract me to this flowy track from A Tribe Called Quest.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Logray was the most prominent of the Ewoks, for he decorated his body in the spinal bones of his enemy and wore a decorated birds beak as a headdress. Logray was the head shaman of the Ewok tribe and was a wise respectable medicine Wok.

The Town of Toes

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Prepare Yourself

Ewok jibberjabber and the doom of the Doolock brains are around the corner! Prepare yourself for a weekly sun berry treat and an appearance from your favorite furry bipeds native to the forest moon of Endor.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Triumphant Feast

I shot this photo of my tall lanky friend Nikolas Strieff, while on a weekend bikepacking trip in west Marin. After experiencing a trecharous night of sleeping through 50 MPH winds atop of MT. Tamalpais, and waking up in 2o minute intervals to a completely different atmosphere with the sour taste of canned Indian food stained to the back of our throughts. We finally awoke from our extreme slumbers as the sun rose and pedaled towards HWY 1 on the Bo-Fax road, in search to find a spot in the thicket away from the wind to start a fire and prepare a breakfast of chocolatechip porridge and beans with cheese.

Josh Stricker

NICE TRY: Josh Stricker from PRIMO on Vimeo.

Some highspeed pedal pushing mayhem from Josh Stricker. Short.Sweet.Speed

Thighs of the Day

Beans are not empty
nor are they lumpy
for I feel these needs
as we are all Beans
they roll, they rot
yet forget them we must not
Beans are the souls of the bodies that we hold
rock em, toss em
eat them, beat them
feel them, peel them
Beans bring the dreams
that we have never seen
Bean in.
Beat out.
The world will no do without

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tierny Brothers

This Semester i'm doing a photo project where the majority of my photos will be portraying the lives of my friends and the people I choose to surround myself with. The Basis of my photos are to illustrate the feelings and depict the ideas of what life is like with these individuals. The bulk of my photos will be of good friends while the others of complete strangers. Throughout the semester I will post my favorite photos. I am open to constructive criticism and general feedback. Enjoy
to Jeans world

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rollin Outta Bed With Only One Dread

The Basutos are careful to conceal their extracted teeth, lest these should fall into the hands of certain mythical beings who haunt graves, and who could harm the owner of the tooth by working magic on it. In Sussex some fifty years ago a maid-servant remonstrated strongly against the throwing away of children’s cast teeth, affirming that should they be found and gnawed by any animal, the child’s new tooth would be, for all the world, like the teeth of the animal that had bitten the old one. In proof of this she named old Master Simmons, who had a very large pig’s tooth in his upper jaw, a personal defect that he always averred was caused by his mother, who threw away one of his cast teeth by accident into the hog’s trough.
Chapter 3.
Section 3.


Rosa is a folk/punk band from Houston, Texas- they'll rock your socks off, keep a smile on your face, and make you stoked, how can you not be stoked with a song called "bike rides and high fives"? Those are probably the two best things we have on this earth worth living for?

Thighs of the Day


Monday, September 6, 2010