Monday, October 5, 2009

skinni-ess jeani-ess

According to that of the studies of thy one they call Sergio Del Santo Del los Doctors Con Carne, we have come to believe that on in skinny jeans or girl pants came bend the forces of the atmospheric mold of the ecosystem. 

When i (Sergio Del greatest Del man Del scientist Con ever) took my own look into the matter at hand i realized when the skinny jean is worn it creates a firostic bioplosm making a whirl wind or also known as a spinny thing creating a ethically magical dust like substance.
Using math and cool calculators i(Sergio Del los juevos mas grande) discovered that this dust like substance was actually a magically charger endoplasm that elures woman of the cutiest sexiestism and give a sort of power to the individual in the so called pants. 
i(Sergio Del mi pito en tu pollo) looked into what else this dust did. i began to notice that it also creates a biotistical matistorism creating a window to plasism moridian twisting the forces of the atmospherismnator making the individual ride and shred the knar like a true nasty bear.
the tighter the jeans the more magic is gramaticaly charged into the individual making him ride like a very hip guy. thank to me(Dr. Sergio del mojitos y margaritas) we have discovered why we (NBF1) are what you call... how you say... pimps, ya.

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