Thursday, November 18, 2010


Antava is a cascadian black metal band from the bay area, my homie Tyler Parkerson is the bassest and slayer of the band and used one of my photos for their first album Sliva:Return. Recently I had a strange encounter with Antava. Putrid, stinky, and frazzled I stepped into a shanty aged janitor closet between the photo room and the music hall I found a shower. A lewd disinfectant bath with a detachable spigot that produced a thin stream of warm water. I stepped into the vulgar box and the moment I turned the crusted faucet on, the depths of hell rang in the room next door. I had turned on satans orchestra with the twist of the wrist. Naked, slimey, baffled and confused. Why am I naked in a janitors closet at school as a harmony of pounding donkheads ring next door?

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