Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jazza Frazz

Jezzabell is not your stereotypical pitbull. She lacks the characteristics that most pitbulls are labeled with. As a dog of her curious and loving nature, you would'nt know she was named by a circle of crack smokers in a decrepit room of the east bay with a future of fighting and detrimental abuse. Yet she was rescued by my older sister Andrea and showered with unconditional love. Where here name Jezzabell was to stick, and here sentiment vibrations of zeal were to overwhelm and engulf anyone who has the chance to become blessed by her wondrous essence. This photo of Jezzabell was shot about 2 miles from the Pt. Reyes light house where my car broke down. Awaiting AAA Jazzy and I ended up exploring the dunes and prancing too a shanty by the sea....

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