Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mexico Enchantment

These are some of the color shots I took on my trip to Yelapa and Puerto Vallaera this past Christmas, I have 2 black and white rolls I have yet to develop. These photos are shots I took on my spare time away from the waterfall dives, bike rides dances till the sun rise, drum circles, flipped boats, potlucks, Snoop Dogg joints, raicilla, fishing, high speed horse racing, balancing, exploring, english intruders, tacos, lunar eclipse, and the time where I was trapped in a boat being drivin by a Yelapa local Carlos while he was peaking on acid and I held his 3 year old child in my arms going up to 40 mph in a fiberglass fishing boat hitting wakes like they were dirt jumps. I made a bountiful amount of good friends and unforgettable experiences jah bless Haardt, Roger, Mira, Tasa, Chris for the amazing tunes and all the others that made it such an epic trip. Much love! I have more shots on my flickr.

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