Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reese on Ridgecrest

Reese Butler is a man of the wild, an innovative character built for survival. Never before have I known a dude as prepared as Reese within any situation, any hike, any bike ride, or camping extravaganza Reese will blow your mind with his ingenious characteristic of being prepared for anything. From making emergency bivy sacks out of trash bags, cooking pasta and meat sauce on the tops of mountains, crafting almost anything you can imagine out of duct tape, to designing an entire functional home out of snow. The Boy Scout motto has been glued into Reese's mind since we were weee lads and will surely carry him onto grandiose feats and more epic mountain escapades to come. Yet, in this particular photo neither Reese or I were expecting 12 inches of snow on Mount Tamalpais, it has been decades since this much snow has paraded down on Mt. Tam. Check out some of Reese's work here.

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